The position overviews provide a quick summary of all the positions that work at the woodlot. The positions are organized by the teams. Each position overview provides links to all pages that should be reviewed for the position. 

Cutting Team

Responsible for using a chain saw to cut logs into round to be made into firewood by the Splitting Team.

Cutter – Overview

Spotter – Overview

Mover – cutting – Overview


There currently is no overview listing for other positions or teams. Refer to the individual position descriptions for position details.

Splitting Team

Responsible for using a log splitter to split rounds into firewood to be stacked by the Stacking Team.

Splitter – Overview

Assistant – Overview

Mover – Splitting – Overview

Stacking Team

Responsible stacking the firewood for drying for months.

Stacker – Overview

Mover – Stacking – Overview