The reject area in the Reject Zone contains rejected wood.

What is in the reject area?

Wood may be placed in the reject area for various reasons. Essentially any wood that is deemed unacceptable to deliver to clients is to be rejected.

Who may put wood in?

Any volunteer who believes pieces are unsuitable for use as firewood or kindling based on the established guidelines and specifications may place wood in this area.

Who may remove wood?

Any wood that is in the reject area at the end of a work day is available to any volunteer working that day to take home.

What happens to wood remaining?

If the reject area becomes too large the rejected wood will be disposed of either by mulching, burning, or hauling away.

The reject area regulations provided above are for the mutual benefit of WNC FireWood and its clients and volunteers. If the allowance for volunteers to remove rejected wood is abused this provision may be rescinded.