We start with logs

These were the first logs delivered to our woodlot in March 2023.

Which are cut into rounds

Our chain saws and Cutting Teams are kept busy!

And split into wedges

The larger rounds are split using Hope, our vertical splitter, into wedges.

Then split into firewood

We use our primary splitter, Spirit, in the horizontal position to split the wedges and smaller rounds into firewood.

Firewood Pile waiting to be stacked

And stacked

The stacks for use the winter of 2023-2024 were stacked on directly on the ground.

This wider stack was placed in a wetter area so was stacked on pallets. It is now covered drying for delivery for the 2024-2025 heating season.

Finally covered

These two stacks, which hold about 5 cords firewood each, were the first stacked and covered. They are now being delivered to clients.

it takes volunteers

Only a few of our volunteers doing only a few of the many steps involved are pictured. We have been working, not taking photos of the volunteers working!