The first time you volunteer for a position you should sign up and schedule your training for the position. After that, if you know you will be coming, as a courtesy to the leaders it would be helpful to let them know a day or two ahead of time. However, when we have a workday scheduled you may just show

It is best to schedule the training before showing up, as this will assure being able to get the training when desired. If you just show up, we may not be able to accommodate your training at that time.

We request all volunteers complete their training for each position prior to working in that position. This is normally done on the first day of volunteering for that position.

Each volunteer position has listed required and optional safety equipment, including those items WNC FireWood provides (such as helmets) and those we expect the volunteer to provide (such as leather shoes). This is covered on our Training Pages.

Certainly! While some important positions do not even require mobility, most require just normal walking while carrying the equivalent of one or two gallon jugs of water. Most wood processing positions do require being able to stand and walk for most of a work shift, with ample opportunity for short breaks.

All volunteers received position-specific training. For most positions this must be done prior to working and is coordinated by our Equipment Coordinator. All positions also receive additional on-the-job training and supervision.

Yes. Some of that material is available on our website (see our Training Pages). This material is constantly reviewed and updated to assure all operations are performed in a safe manner.