WNC FireWood is a 100% volunteer organization. We do not have any paid positions.  If you would like to volunteer or desire more information about volunteer positions, see the Teams and Positions pages or contact us. See also the Volunteer FAQ.

Each entity that is part of WNC FireWood is responsible for their own liability coverage. In addition, specific liability waivers are signed providing the ministry and partners additional protection.

Several organizations have partnered with WNC FireWood to make this ministry possible. They each have contributed significant and key resources to allow us to provide free firewood heating assistance to our qualified neighbors. See the list of our Partners.

WNC FireWood is a ministry of our sponsoring congregations.  See our Sponsors Page. WNC FireWood has partnered with several other local entities to be able to provide firewood to those in our community needing firewood heating assistance. See our Partners Page. The Firewood Ministry is a semi-autonomous organization operating in a network environment managed by the Management Team. There are

Through the WNC FireWood ministry a congregation meets some of the needs of our neighbors. All ministry work is done for the sponsoring congregations. That means that when a home is warmed through this ministry it is being warmed by the congregation. Mention that WNC FireWood is sponsored by the congregation is made in all public communications, including to receiving

To become a WNC FireWood sponsor, the congregation agrees to: share with the other sponsors non-titled property ownership and ministry liability; provide some annual financial support to the ministry; provide means for individuals to make additional financial donations to the ministry through the congregation; and present to the congregation, and when appropriate to the general public, information about WNC FireWood

WNC FireWood is sponsored by multiple congregations in the area. A listing of our current sponsors may be found on our Sponsors page.

The firewood ministry goes by the name “WNC FireWood.” It is a ministry of our sponsoring organizations, and can thus be referred to, for example, as the “Firewood Ministry of Brevard First United Methodist Church” or “WNC Firewood, a ministry of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.”

Yes, however, donations must be made through one of our sponsoring congregations. The donation will then be tax deductible through that congregation who will make the funds available to the ministry.

Yes and No. No, in that WNC FireWood is not a separate legal entity and thus is not a registered non-profit in and of itself. However… Yes, in that WNC FireWood is a ministry of and operates under our sponsoring organizations, each of who are registered non-profits.