No. You may be trained for many positions. If there is a need at the time for someone to fill another position you can transition to that position by talking to your team leader or site supervisor. Being flexible in your work assignments is helpful to assure that all the work that needs be accomplished is completed in a timely

Our normal scheduled workday is 4 hours. If you cannot participate the entire time, please contact us so we can plan the workday accordingly.

Planned workdays are posted on our home page. We typically only schedule workdays about a month in advance. Please contact us should you require additional information or further details. We do encourage volunteers to form teams that work together. Normally a team can work at any time convenient to the team.

Yes. However, those under the age of 18 years may not serve on teams that operate power equipment (chain saws and log splitters) or be a driver.

No. As a minimum we require all work teams to consist of at least 2 individuals, preferably more. When delivering firewood to a client we require at least 3 volunteers. 

The only overall expectation of all volunteers is to act consistent with having a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others. Each position has specific position requirements (see the Positions page).

We have positions ranging from purely administrative to physically challenging; positions with supervision responsibility to worker-bees. Check out the Positions Page.

If you have not previously volunteered, or need training for an additional position, please just contact us and we will make arrangement for your training and first workday. Otherwise, you can just show up at a planned workday, although we always appreciate a heads-up that you are coming!

Each volunteer position has listed required and optional safety equipment, including those items WNC FireWood provides (such as helmets) and those we expect the volunteer to provide (such as leather shoes). This is covered on our Training Pages.