WNC FireWood has recently added Hope, a used splitter we recently purchased. Hope joins Spirit, the splitter originally donated by Frank and Marian Wolf. 
Hope will be used mostly to split large rounds when in the vertical position, producing wedges. Spirit will mainly split smaller rounds and the wedges into firewood with the splitter lowered to a horizontal position, a position that is more comfortable for the splitting team. Both splitters are designed to split in either orientation, and are used as needed both ways.

In the picture Hope splitting one of the 3-foot diameter rounds. These rounds are too large to lift safely to split horizontally, so are split vertically as shown. It take a team of three volunteers to position these large rounds so that Hope can do its job of producing more manageable size wedges.
If you would like to see Hope or Spirit in action, you are invited to join us at the woodlot on any scheduled workday. Perhaps what you see will inspire you to join us as a volunteer to help bring firewood heating assistance to our qualified neighbors. Contact us for directions to the woodlot if interested.