Our website http://wncfirewood.org is now official! With this, the first official News Article, this site is now in position to begin informing our community of this small but vital ministry.
You will find the site contains some helpful information about this new ministry. However, a lot is still missing, It will likely take months to get everything that we need, that you need, posted. There are but few of us currently working on setting up all the details necessary to launch and run this ministry, and we have been focusing more on the necessary preparations to run an effective firewood ministry than nice prose to communicate to our community. This article is our first step in the latter.
First, you should know a bit about how we are organized. I encourage you to read the About page. On it you will find a link to our Volunteer Teams. That description is just a sketch of the material we have available that we are currently in the process of preparing for you. Look for a news article shortly on the expanded information.
Our calendar is not yet set, the home page has a blank column waiting for it; however, everything looks like we will be in a position to begin processing firewood at our woodlot by the first of April.
We continue to look for volunteers to take on various leadership roles, including team leaders. If you feel the Lord calling you to help this ministry, please contact us for more information. You may email us at info@wncfirewood.org or use the contact form on the website.
This ministry would not happen without the support of our Sponsors and Partners. Check out those pages, and show you appreciation to them for supporting this ministry.