WNC FireWood needs to fill the volunteer position of Delivery Coordinator. This is a person who will coordinate all deliveries, not make those deliveries. The need is urgent to relieve our other coordinators who need to remain focused on their specific roles.


The Delivery Coordinator shall be responsible for the delivery of firewood from the woodlot to qualified clients or wood bins. Clients are qualified by Sharing House.

You do NOT need a truck. You do not even need to be able to drive a truck. You may choose to never deliver firewood yourself. Needed skills include good interpersonal and communications skills, especially on the telephone, and keeping accurate delivery records.
The Delivery Coordinator should be: a person with a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others; a self-motivated and self-managed individual capable of working in a non-hierarchical organization; and able to manage a team of volunteers (drivers and helpers).

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If interested, please contact us at info@wncfirewood.org, and we can talk details.