WNC FireWood has completed a very successful fall work season. We stacked about 16 cords! This wood will be available for delivery for the 2024-2025 heating season. We surpassed our goal of 12 cords for the fall and came close to our stretch goal of 20 cords.

WNC FireWood needs to fill the volunteer position of Delivery Coordinator. This is a person who will coordinate all deliveries, not make those deliveries. The need is urgent to relieve our other coordinators who need to remain focused on their specific roles.

An orientation for those individuals involved with delivery of free firewood from WNC FireWood to qualified clients of Sharing House for home firewood heating will be held Friday, December 1, at 3:00 PM at the WNC FireWood woodlot.

WNC FireWood Ministry has been hard at work cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood.  After experiencing some initial delays, WNC FireWood Ministry is making steady progress toward its goal of providing one cord of firewood to as many Transylvania County families in need as possible. The more volunteers we have, the more families we can assist. We currently have about 10 cords

Our website now official! This, first official News Article, indicates we are now in position to begin informing our community about this vital ministry. See how we are organized and consider volunteering.