The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for all ministry administrative needs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work as a member of the Management Team.
  • Act as the ministry secretary in cooperation with the Communications Coordinator.
  • Act as the ministry treasurer, including acknowledging donations and working with all sponsoring congregations to manage ministry funds.
  • Establish and maintain all official ministry records, including ministry reports, liability and other insurance, equipment ownership, and similar documentation and contracts.
  • When appropriate, work with the administrative personnel of sponsoring congregations.
  • Provide for any additional similar administrative needs of the ministry.
  • The list of responsibilities may from time to time be modified as agreed by consensus with the Management Team.

Skills Needed

  • A person with a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others.
  • A self motivated and self managed individual capable of working in a non-hierarchical organization.
  • Familiarity with basic word processing, checkbook balancing, and records filing.


Authorized to spend ministry funds up to the amount budgeted for administrative activities, limited by the total ministry funds available.

General administrative oversight of the Administrative Team.

Required Training



Member of the Management Team.

Leads the Administrative Team.

Supervised by

Self-supervised as part of the Management Team which reports to the sponsoring congregations.


Supervises volunteers recruited to assist in performing the position’s responsibilities. Leads the Administrative Team.

Time Requirement

Position is year round; the time required is estimated to be about 50 hours per year, with the first year requiring more.