The Firewood Ministry is a semi-autonomous organization operating in a network environment managed by the Management Team.

Primary Responsibilities

  • The Management Team is collectively responsible for all ministry activities.
  • Prepares a budget, at least annually. The budget must clearly identify funds available for each coordinator to spend.
  • Responsible for generating at least annually reports on activities, plans, financial reports, and budgets.
  • Periodically, and at least annually, reviews all coordinator position descriptions, making changes by consensus.
  • Assigns tasks not otherwise assigned to a coordinator, or collectively to the team.
  • Assures that all ministry responsibilities to sponsoring organizations and partners are fulfilled in a timely manner.


The Management Team has the ultimate authority for the ministry.

Supervised by

The team reports to the appropriate individual or committee of each ministry Sponsor.


The team collectively supervises all aspects of the ministry primarily through the individual coordinators. See below.

The Management Team is comprised of the following Coordinators, each of whom leads one or more teams as indicated.

Administrative Coordinator

Responsible for the general administrative tasks of the ministry, including overseeing ministry finances and keeping all agreements, contracts, and similar documents. More…

Leads the Administrative Team.

Communications Coordinator

Responsible for all WNC FireWood communications to our sponsors, clients, partners, volunteers, and the general public. More…

Leads the Communications Team.

Equipment CoordiNator

Responsible for the maintenance of all WNC FireWood equipment. More…

Leads the Equipment Team.

Delivery coordinator

Responsible for delivery of all firewood from the woodlot. More…

Leads the Delivery Teams.

Woodlot Coordinator

Responsible for running the woodlot and for the processing of logs into stacked firewood. More…

Leads the Cutting Teams.

Leads the Splitting Teams.

Leads the Stacking Teams.