The Equipment Team is responsible for all WNC FireWood equipment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide for safe and secure storage of all equipment.
  • Provide preventative and repair maintenance on all equipment.
  • Maintain a supply of all consumables needed for the equipment, including fuel.
  • Provide training for the safe use of all equipment, and maintain a list of currently qualified individuals that may use each piece of equipment.
  • Provide for any additional similar equipment needs of the ministry.

Team Products

Safe and reliable equipment.


The Equipment Team is authorized to perform any work on or for WNC FireWood equipment under the direction of the Equipment Coordinator.

Supervised by:

The Team works under the direction of the Equipment Coordinator with oversight from the Management Team.


All teams and volunteers that work at the woodlot must follow the Woodlot Procedures.

See also Woodlot Zones and Areas for term descriptions.

The Equipment team is comprised of the following positions.

Equipment Coordinator

Leads the Equipment Team and makes sure that all WNC FireWood equipment is maintained in good working condition. More…


Assists the Equipment Coordinator to maintain WNC FireWood equipment. The Equipment Team may have one or more Technicians. More…