General Guidelines

All work on the wood lot must have prior authorization; see the Authority section for details. No one may be on the woodlot without prior authorization!

All work must be done in a safe manner. For example, remember to always lift with your knees not with your back to prevent back injuries.

It is the responsibility of all volunteers to keep the work area neat and clean.

Any food items, containers, or other personal items brought should leave with you or be placed in the appropriate trash or recycling dumpster (look before tossing: the recycling container is marked!)

Waiver and Sign-In

All volunteers are required to sign a Volunteer Waiver. A copy waiver will be kept on file at the Woodlot.

The first day a person volunteers for WNC FireWood they should obtain a copy of the Volunteer Waiver, read and sign it. Any of the individuals on the Supervision list can provide you with a copy of the waiver.

All volunteers must sign-in each day they are engaged in any activity for WNC FireWood. This also serves as a reminder of the previously signed waiver.

The first person on the Supervision list present on the woodlot each day must make the daily Sign-In form available for all volunteers to sign. The sheet remains in the records at the woodlot at the end of the day.


Teams are authorized to perform their roles as provided by all WNC FireWood Guidelines found on the various pages of the WNC FireWood website under the following conditions:

  • The team must have the requisite number of and qualified volunteers present. This must be assured by the team leader. If someone must leave, resulting in the team not having the required team complement, the team must stop working.
  • The team must be scheduled to be on the woodlot by contacting:
    • the Delivery Coordinator for the Delivery Team.
    • the Equipment Coordinator for the Equipment Team.
    • the Woodlot Coordinator for all other Teams.
  • The above scheduling is required: no one may be on the woodlot without prior authorization!
  • All volunteers are granted the authority as specified by the applicable guidelines for the role they are filling and consistent with the Supervision section.


All work done on the woodlot must be supervised as follows:

If any of the following are present, that person highest on the list is responsible for all work done at the woodlot.

  • Woodlot Coordinator
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Delivery Coordinator
  • Lead (or only) Splitter
  • Lead (or only) Cutter
  • Lead (or only) Stacker
  • Lead (or only) Driver 

If none of the above individuals are present, then no one should be working for the Firewood Ministry at the woodlot.

In addition, all teams have assigned supervision responsibilities assigned based on roles.

If a situation arises that is not explicitly addressed by the applicable guidelines, the individual in charge of the woodlot at the time, based on the above ranking, is authorized to deal with the situation to the best of their ability and consistent with the spirit and intent of all WNC FireWood guidelines.

Woodlot Areas

The woodlot is divided into the following work zones:

Cutting Zone: The workplace for the Cutting Teams. Contains the log pile. The Cutter manages this area.

Splitting Zone: The workplace for the Cutting Teams. Contains the firewood rounds and kindling rounds areas. The Splitter manages this area.

Stacking Zone: During processing season: the workplace for the Stacking Teams. Contains the firewood pile and firewood stacks areas. The Stacker manages this area.

During delivery season: the pickup area for the Delivery Teams. The Delivery Team removes firewood from the firewood stacks for delivery. The Driver manages this area. 

Reject Zone: This is a small area near the dumpsters that contains the reject area. All teams may place rejected wood into this area. See additional information on the Reject Area.

Barn: Contains the dry storage area, tools, supplies, etc.

See the Woodlot Zones and Areas for additional information, including more details on the areas and who adds to and removes from these areas.