The Delivery Team is responsible for delivering dried firewood from the woodlot to clients or wood bins.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Receive delivery instructions from the Delivery Coordinator.
  • Arrange for the delivery vehicle from the Equipment Coordinator unless already arranged by the Delivery Coordinator.
  • For delivery to a client:
    • load 1 cord of firewood at the woodlot into the delivery vehicle.
    • Deliver the firewood load to the client.
    • Normally the vehicle will dumped the firewood at a location chosen by the client; the delivery team will not normally stack firewood at the client’s location.
  • For restocking an off-site firewood bin:
    • load the delivery vehicle with the needed amount of firewood.
    • Deliver the load to the bin, stacking appropriately.

Team Product

Delivery of firewood to clients and wood bins.


Make a firewood delivery based on instructions from of the Delivery Coordinator.

Supervised by

The Team works under the direction of the Driver with oversight from the Delivery Coordinator.


All teams and volunteers that work at the woodlot must follow the Woodlot Procedures.

See also Woodlot Zones and Areas for term descriptions.

A Delivery team is comprised of the following positions.


Leads the Delivery Team in making a firewood delivery. Each Delivery team has one Driver. More…

Mover – Delivery

Load a delivery vehicle with dried firewood and accompany the Driver to make the delivery. Each Delivery Team has one or two Movers. More…