A Cutting Team is responsible for cutting logs delivered to the woodlot into rounds for a Splitting Team.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Cut log into rounds; refer to the Round Cutting Specifications.
  • Move cut rounds to the appropriate area for use by the Splitting Team; refer to the Round Cutting Specifications.
  • No cut rounds should be left in the cutting area when the Cutting Team is through for the day.
  • Responsible for properly storing and securing the chain saw and any additional tools or equipment used by the team.


No one under the age of 18 years may serve in any position on a Cutting Team.

Team Products

Firewood rounds.

Kindling rounds.


The Cutting Team, when authorized and under the direction of the Woodlot Coordinator, may operate a chain saw on the woodlot.

Supervised by

The Team works under the direction of the Cutter with oversight from the Woodlot Coordinator.


All teams and volunteers that work at the woodlot must follow the Woodlot Procedures.

See also Woodlot Zones and Areas for term descriptions.

The Cutting team is comprised of the following positions.


Leads the Cutting Team. Must be WNC FireWood certified Cutter to operate a chain saw.

Responsible for cutting logs into rounds. More…


Responsible for team safety. Must be WNC FireWood certified Spotter. Supervises the team Movers. There must be one Spotter on the team. More…

Mover – Cutting

Moves cut rounds to the splitter area. May be one or two Movers on the team. More…