The Stacking Team is responsible for stacking the wood split by the Splitting Team for long-term drying.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for preparing the stacking area, moving bottom pallets (if used) and end “L” pallets into position as needed.
  • Responsible for stacking firewood in straight, parallel stacks. Refer to the Stacking Specifications for details.
  • Responsible for covering the stacks when complete to keep most rainwater off the stacked firewood. Refer to the Stacking Specifications for details.
  • Responsible for properly storing and securing any tools or equipment used by the team.

Team Product

Stacked firewood.


The Stacking Team, when authorized and under the direction of the Woodlot Coordinator, may create stacks on the woodlot.

Supervised by

The Team works under the direction of the Stacker with oversight from the Woodlot Coordinator.


All teams and volunteers that work at the woodlot must follow the Woodlot Procedures.

See also Woodlot Zones and Areas for term descriptions.

The Stacking team is comprised of the following positions.


Leads the Stacking Team. Must be a WNC FireWood certified Stacker.

Responsible to preparing firewood stacks for long-term drying of split firewood. More…

Mover – Stacking

Moves firewood from the firewood pile prepared by the Splitting Team to the long-term drying firewood stacks. More…