All WNC FireWood volunteers are trained for their specific positions to assure safe and smooth procedures.

Please note that WNC FireWood provided training does not itself substitute for personal responsibility. 

General Training Information

All volunteers must be WNC Firewood qualified volunteers to assume any woodlot work position other than Mover (see below) by completing the required training requirements.

The good news is that all the training is fairly straightforward and consumes little time. Often the training can be done the first time you volunteer on the woodlot.

You may seek training for multiple positions.

A list will be maintained at the woodlot of people qualified for each trained position. In addition, each trained volunteer will receive a name tag that indicates the positions for which they are qualified.

Mover Training

All movers will receive on-the-job training from their team leadership on the day of volunteering.

Arrange Training

While some training may be done on the day you first volunteer, we ask you to request training before then by contacting us indicating the courses desired and the date you plan to volunteer.

Trained Positions

Specific training programs are in place for the following volunteer positions (required courses):

Training Courses

The above training programs consist of combinations of the following training courses:

Courses are lead by the Equipment Coordinator.