The Spotter is responsible for the Cutting Team safety.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Any time the chain saw is being used the Spotter must have eyes on the Cutter.
  • Responsible to see that what the Cutter needs done is performed correctly and safely.
  • Responsible for the on-the-job training and direct supervision of all team Movers.
  • A Cutting Team must have one Spotter.
  • If the team has no Mover, then when logs are not being cut into rounds, the Cutter and Spotter will act as Movers.

Skills Needed:

  • A person with a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others.
  • Able to maintain focus, especially in a crisis situation.
  • Able to direct the activities of at least one other team member.


Each Cutter is encouraged (but not required) to recruit a team consisting of a Spotter and a Mover.

It is desirable for this team of three to schedule to work together at the woodlot.


Stop the Cutting Team to address any safety issues.

Supervision of the team Mover(s).


WNC FireWood Spotter Training.

WNC FireWood First Aid Training.


Member of the Cutting Team.


Works under the direction of the Cutter.


Supervision of the Cutting Team Mover(s).


Workdays are scheduled in 4 hour blocks. Volunteers are requested to volunteer for at least 3 workdays per year. 

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