The Cutter is the lead of the Cutting Team and is authorized to use a chain saw on the woodlot.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Head of the Cutting Team.
  • Responsible for cutting logs into rounds. Refer to the Round Cutting Specifications.
  • Responsible for properly storing and securing the chain saw and any additional tools and equipment used by the team.
  • A Cutting Team must have at least 1 Cutter. 
  • If the team has no Mover, then when logs are not being cut into rounds, the Cutter and Spotter will act as Movers.
  • May have additional responsibilities; see Woodlot Procedures.

Skills Needed:

  • A person with a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others.
  • Physical strength and dexterity required to handle a chain saw safely around a log pile.
  • Able to direct the activities of a small (2 to 4 member) team.


Each Cutter is encouraged (but not required) to recruit a team consisting of a Spotter and a Mover.

It is desirable for this team of three to schedule to work together at the woodlot.

A team may have more than one qualified Cutter; if so, they should choose one to be the Lead Cutter. The Lead (or only) Cutter will be responsible for the work of the whole team. Typically the cutter role will alternate among the team Cutters.

If multiple Cutting Teams are working simultaneously, each should work independently; however, they should agree on which team has the Lead Cutter to coordinate work of all Cutter Teams and to make sure that all work is done safely.


General supervision of his/her Cutting Team.


WNC FireWood Cutter Training.

WNC FireWood Spotter Training.

WNC FireWood First Aid Training.


Leads his/her Cutting Team.


Works under the direction of the Woodlot Coordinator.

Use the WNC FireWood equipment under the direction of the Equipment Coordinator.


Leads his/her Cutting Team.


Workdays are scheduled in 4 hour blocks. Volunteers are requested to volunteer for at least 3 workdays per year. 

See Also

A Cutter must read and understand the