The Stacker for the Stacking Team is responsible for stacking the firewood in the firewood area.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Head of the Stacking Team.
  • Responsible for the safety of the Stacking Team.
  • Responsible for preparing the stacking area, moving bottom pallets (if used) and end “L” pallets into position as needed.
  • Responsible for stacking firewood in straight, parallel stacks. Refer to Firewood Stack Specifications for details.
  • Responsible for covering the stacks when complete to keep most rainwater off the stacked firewood. Refer to Firewood Stack Specifications for details.
  • A Stacking Team must have a Stacker.
  • Responsible for the on-the-job training and direct supervision of all team Movers.
  • May have additional responsibilities; see see Woodlot Procedures.

Skills Needed:

  • A person with a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others.
  • Physical strength and dexterity required to safely move split firewood and (with help) end “L” pallets.


If the team has more than one qualified Stacker, they should choose one to be the Lead Stacker. The Lead (or only) Stacker will be responsible for the work of the whole team.

The Stacker Team may have team Movers under the age of 18 years.


General supervision of his/her Stacking Team.


WNC FireWood Stacker Training.

WNC FireWood First Aid Training.


Leads his/her Stacking Team.


Works under the direction of the Woodlot Coordinator.


Leads his/her Stacking Team.


Workdays are scheduled in 4 hour blocks. Volunteers are requested to volunteer for at least 3 workdays per year. 


A Stacker must read and understand: