The Mover for the Stacking Team is responsible for stacking split firewood to season.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for moving firewood in the stacking pile and stacking it in the firewood stacks under the direction of the Stacker.
  • A Stacking Team must have at least 1 Mover; the team should normally have 3 or 4 Movers.
  • The Stacking Team may reject any firewood pieces that clearly do not meet the requirements; refer to the Firewood Specifications for additional details. Rejected pieces may be returned to the Cutting Team or the Splitting Team, or placed in the reject area, as seems most appropriate by the Stacking Team.
  • Ideally, no firewood should be left in the stacking pile when the Stacking Team is through for the day.

Skills Needed:

  • A person with a love of our Lord Jesus and a heart for serving others.
  • Physical strength and dexterity required to safely carry and stack split firewood and to help move end “L” pallets. Requires minimal weight lifting and carrying strength compared to the other Mover positions; see Mover descriptions and the Mover Note.


On-the-job Training provided by the Stacker.


Member of the Stacking Team.


Works under the direction of the Stacker.


Workdays are scheduled in 4 hour blocks. Volunteers are requested to volunteer for at least 3 workdays per year. 


Make sure to review all materials that applies to the full Stacking Team.

Mover Note:

Movers can be part of any woodlot work team: Cutting Team, Splitting Team, Stacking Team, or Delivery Team. Each team has specific Mover responsibilities consistent with the work goals of the teams; see Moverdescriptions. You will thus find slightly different requirements for each position: Mover – Cutting Team, Mover-Splitting Team, Mover – Stacking Team, and Mover – Delivery Team.