Completing this training qualifies the volunteer for the Cutter position on the Cutting Team.

Training Requirements

  1. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be a Cutter or to operate a chainsaw for WNC FireWood.
  2. Read and understand the Chainsaw Safety Manual.
    • Most of our chainsaws are Stihl.
    • Paying attention specifically to:
      • Proper clothing and protective gear
        1. We provide helmet, eye protection, hearing protection, chaps.
        2. You provide proper clothing, leather shoes, gloves.
      • Starting, stopping, fueling, maintenance (air filter, chain tension, field sharpening, etc). Some of these items may not be in the manual but will be covered in the field.
      • Operation
        1. Kickback
        2. Cutting
        3. Carrying
        4. Chain brake
        5. Lift with your knees not with your back.
        6. Only cut wood. Avoid dirt, rocks, etc. This dulls the chain quickly.
  3. Read and understand the
  4. Complete field training at the woodlot with the Equipment Coordinator.
  5. Must also complete
  6. Receive a signed Cutter Training Completion form.

Additional Materials

Chainsaw Safety Manual.

Related Positions

Spotter and Mover are other team members.

The Splitter performs a similar role for the Splitting Team.